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Your Trusted Source for Sewer and Water Line Installation in Winnipeg

If you’re having issues with your sewer system or have a busted water pipe, look no further than Rondor Excavations. For more than 30 years, we have been a trustworthy, reliable source for both sewer system and water line installation in Winnipeg.

Rondor Excavations has the experience to accurately diagnose damaged pipes, root infiltration, corrosion and a host of other related issues. Along with fixing those problems, we strive to educate our clients on common causes of underground pipe damage, such as frozen ground, settling or shifting soil, and thawing cycles.

Once we have discovered the source and extent of the damage, Rondor Excavations will replace or repair your sewer drain or main water line while ensuring minimal disruption in the process.

Water Services

After you discover a water leak anywhere on your property, be sure to contact the City of Winnipeg. Once you’ve done that, please give us a call and consider some of the questions we may ask:

  • Is the existing water line copper, lead or plastic? (Please keep in mind that to prevent contamination of your water supply, lead pipes cannot be repaired; they must be replaced.)

  • Is the leak occurring on the public side of the water shut-off valve or on the side that is maintained by the property owner? (This determines whether you or the City is responsible for the repair.)

  • Do you have a full basement or a crawl space?

After we receive your call, a company representative will visit your home to take measurements and look for any obstructions. Once the inspection is complete, our representative will prepare a quote for either repair or renewal. The estimate will include cost of permits, material and equipment, along with other factors such as the distance from the cub box to the water meter, underground utilities, and obstruction (trees, fences, etc).

Once you’ve made the decision to hire us for repairs, you can rest assured that we will take care of all necessary permits and permissions through the City of Winnipeg. Should your pipes require renwal, Rondor Excavations will minimize disruption and damage to your property by excavating only at two ends of the pipe; using a coring machine, we install a durable new copper line in the place of the damaged pipe. We then call the city inspector to approve the installation and materials before backfilling the two holes, cleaning up the jobsite and contacting the city to turn the water service on.

Sewer Services

We often receive calls asking who should be held responsible for broken sewer service, though the answer to that question is never easy to determine. We recommend the following steps to resolve the situation:

  • Determine the location of the blockage– Contact a reputable sewer cleaning contractor to attempt to clear the blockage and assess the location and severity. If it cannot be cleared, you will need a licensed contractor to assess the damage. If the break is within your property, you are liable for paying the costs of repairs. However, if the break is within city property, the contractor will need to confirm the break and location (keep your receipts).

  • Contact the City of Winnipeg– Once you’ve received proof and confirmation of the break within city property, contact the Water and Waste department to apply for a repair. The City of Winnipeg requires two separate companies to confirm the location of the break and will require at least one video/televised attempt. You can start the process by calling 311 or visiting their website.

  • Approval– If the city approves your application, the repair job will be tendered to all licensed sewer & water contractors in the city. The contractor awarded the job will only replace the section of broken pipe up to your property line. We recommend that owners request a price to replace the private section at that time.

*The above information is only a general guideline to the process; you should confirm the process applicable to your particular situation by calling the City of Winnipeg or consulting the by-laws.

New Construction Projects

While you’re in the process of building a new home or commercial building, there is an exhaustive list of tasks you are consumed with. Working with Rondor Excavations, you can trust our experienced crew to handle your sewer and water line installation in Winnipeg so that you can concentrate your efforts in other areas. We’ll work directly with the builder to ensure the job is done correctly and finished on schedule.

Schedule Residential or Commercial Site Service Today

Whether you’re developing commercial property or building a home, contact Rondor Excavations today to get started.

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