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Your trusted Source for new sewer and water line installation in Winnipeg

If you are a developer or home owner looking for a new sewer and water service for your new home, then we are your contractor.

Rondor Excavations has the experience and knowledge to not only complete the installation but to consult on the design to ensure the most cost effective installation.  We can also assist in dealing with both the engineers and the City of Winnipeg to help expedite your drawing and permit approvals and get your project moving forward fast.

Infills and new builds come with many challenges so choosing Rondor will be there to advocate for our clients to eliminate any issues that may arise in the design process which allows for a stress free install,  We work for you as well as with you.

New Construction Projects

The process of building a new home or commercial building includes an exhaustive list of tasks you are consumed with.   Start with below ground and work your way up.  Rondor Excavations LTD will work with you and your engineer throughout the design process to ensure the most economical installation for your new build.

Working with Rondor Excavations and our experienced crew allows you to concentrate your efforts in other areas. 

Things to keep in mind when it comes to new sewer & water

1. What street will your service connect to?

Anytime your services are connecting to regional street (Pembina, Henderson, Portage, etc) you can be assured the costs are going to much higher than if the connections are made on a residential street.  This is due to the different requirements set out by the City for work performed on any regional street.  

2. What condition and material is the street your service connect to?

Both the condition and type of material the street where your services connect to will affect the cost to complete the work.  Any street considered to be in "Good" or "New" condition will require more permit costs than a street in "Fair" or "Poor" condition.  If the street consists of concrete (no ashphalt), the permit costs can be substantial.

3. Under ground utilities?

We have all heard call before you dig and for good reason.  Today there are more underground utilities than ever and each requires their own set of safety precautions when they fall in the work area.  Whether its a small fiber optic cable, a large gas main or high voltage overhead lines, they all have the potential to add to the scope of work for your project.  And adding to the scope of work usually adds to the final invoice.  During the bidding process, contractors are unaware of which utilities are where and what precautions are required if they are in the work area.  Anytime unforeseen costs incur, the owner/developer is expected to pay the additional costs.  One way to eliminate the surprise is to have utilities located during the design process and added to the site services drawing.  This way all contractors have sufficient information to bid the job and limit the owner to unexpected costs.

New Constuction
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