Remove Refuse with Hydro Excavations in Winnipeg

Bang On Drilling

In our line of work, our job is ever changing. At Rondor Excavations and Bang On Drilling, we are committed to bringing you the best service at the best possible value. Industry standards and regulations are constantly being amended and it is our mission to adapt and succeed with them. With this mission comes our dedication to support the growing needs of new and existing customers.

Rondor Excavations and Bang On Drilling are proud to announce our NEW Hydro Vac service! This new service comes with specific advantages.

  • A smaller Vac means a better value. While most Hydro Vac trucks are equipped for large excavations, they are more expensive to purchase and maintain which is reflected in an inflated cost. In most cases they are also too large for your needs. In this case, good things do come in small packages.
  • A required soft dig can sometimes be an added and unexpected cost and, in some cases, those costs are associated with wait times for equipment to arrive. We now have the ability to reduce regular costs through both reduced wait time and better value.
  • In most cases, a trailer is all you require. Our 800-gallon refuse tank trailer is not much smaller than small trucks yet just as capable. Keep some money in your pocketbook by eliminating the excess.
  • Our trailer can be left on your job site for convenience so it's there right when you need it. Certain projects have a unit sitting and waiting, while charging the regular rates. Everyone has been in the position of not wanting to send equipment away until you need it because you don’t know when it will be able to return again. Why pay for it to sit? It will be right there for you when it’s needed.

Please contact us for pricing.

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