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Rondor Excavations Ltd: Site Services Contractor in Winnipeg

Rondor Excavations is a site services company that performs installations and repairs of sewer, water and land drainage pipes for both commercial and residential clients. Additionally, we offer directional drilling for installation of conduits and piping for various industries through our subsidiary, Bang On Directional Drilling.

Our Equipment

Your project will be completed by the Rondor team of fully trained and well-equipped site services contractors in Winnipeg, instead of being farmed out to various subcontractors. Our equipment is up-to-date and well-maintained to ensure the timely completion of your project. We also offer equipment rentals.

Schedule Your Project Today

Whether you’re a commercial or residential developer, property manager, general contractor or homeowner planning the installation of sewer, water or drainage pipes, Rondor Excavations will get the job done promptly and up to the highest quality and safety standards. Give us a call today to get started!

Your Site Services Contractor
Over 30 Years of Service

Contact Information

956 Redonda St, Sunnyside, MB, R5R0J7



National COR Standard™
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